Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roscoe on The Streets We All Walk On

“My father died last year at the age of 97. He helped build this city. I’m talking about putting down the streets. He was in construction and worked for the city. He even helped put the statue on top of the Capitol. There is probably not a street in this city that he didn't have his hands on. He was a great man and this was his town.

“I loved him to death and I miss him so much. He taught me to love DC. Even during the riots, he always loved this city. I feel great that my Dad played such an important role in this city and people should know about him, and people like him, who built the streets we all walk on.

"My Dad taught me the right thing do. He taught me how to say 'yes, sir' and 'no, ma'am.' I live by a lot of his principles. I have two kids, one in the Navy and the other one is in the Marines. I raised them the same way. They love DC, too. We wouldn’t live nowhere else. Now, I’ve got a little stand and I sell all kinds of stuff: Michael Jackson shirts, cologne, glasses, oils, watches, you name it. we got it. We trying to do good for this city."

See a map of important locations in DC's labor past and present here.

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