Monday, October 19, 2009

Eliezr on Mi Tierra Market

"I have lived in DC for 18 years, am originally from Puerto Rico. There are not that many Puerto Ricans in DC. They can only really get together when there is a Puerto Rican band playing in the area or a parade. I went to see a concert recently in Bethesda and there were about 300 Puerto Ricans there. Outside of the Puerto Rican Day parades in Maryland and Virginia, that is probably the most Puerto Ricans I have seen in one place here. That is nothing compared to a place like New York.

"Today, I am helping FIDMi by working at this food stand in the Mi Tierra market. Whatever money we make goes to help pay FIDMi's bills. Because the economy is so messed up, we need to raise money for FIDMi, the organization that created Mi Tierra, in any way that we can. I am a full-time college student, but volunteer here when I can. Today, we are selling chicken breast with vegetables, Puerto Rican meatballs, and rice and beans. This is some of the best Puerto Rican food you'll find in the area.

"The market is a very special place because it gives people in the minority, mostly Latino immigrants, that want to own their own business, the right to sell a product in a safe place in DC. In the past, many of these people were selling on the streets without licenses and were being chased around by the police. Now, these people can work legally and support themselves and their families and send their kids to school. America creates a lot of opportunities for immigrants and this is one of them."

Read more about Mi Tierra market in The Washington Post.

Eliezr, right, is pictured with Fabio.

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