Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clayton on Skateboarding

“There’s, like, a lot of spots in DC that are really, really good for skateboarding and there’s a huge skateboarding community here. But, a lot of the parks you skate in are instant busts. As soon as you put a board down, there are guards, like, almost tackling you and stuff. I still come down here to hit the streets and even the parks, too, when we can avoid the cops. The stuff that is really popular to hit, parks with ledges and rails, those are always total busts though. Cops basically live there. So, we’re out looking for places where the cops can’t find us. There are some secret places, but I’m not going to tell you about them.”


Katie Bee said...

i notice those metal clamps that prevent skateboarders from grinding on raised beds all the time. sure, they prevent damage to property, but in the wise words of one bumper sticker i read once, "skateboarding is not a crime!"

what seems germane to your project is the current exhibition at AU's katzen gallery - "another washington" by paul feinberg. it features photographs and short interviews with DC residents throughout the decades.

Katie Bee said...

also, heads up, the exhibit closes at the end of this week. so catch it while you can.