Monday, October 12, 2009

Hamzah on the Color Underneath Those Button-Downs

"How do I feel about the city? I just moved here from New York, and my first experience out in DC was on a Saturday night and I realized that my friend and I were the only ones out in t-shirts. Everyone else was in a polo or a button down. We were like what does a city roll like this? And I did not understand how an entire bar could be filled with so many cookie-cutter people.

"People have a fa├žade here that they don’t have elsewhere. I feel like you can meet cool people, though, who will let down their guard and tell you what they’re like. So, I am discovering that there is a lot more to DC than what I found at the bar. There is some color underneath those button-downs."

Check out some polling data on life in DC vs. NYC here.

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