Saturday, October 24, 2009

Joel on DC Being Contagious

“I first came up to DC in the fourth or fifth grade. At that point, I was on a class field trip and with, like, all of my buddies. And I could have cared less about where we were going and what we were seeing. I was just happy to be 900 miles from my parents and in a hotel with other 12-year-olds. I really had no idea about how great DC was at that age. But, several years ago, I came back up to visit with a friend. It was at that point when I realized the sheer history of where I was. DC was just, like, contagious. I wanted to get more of DC and got back up here as fast as I could. I have a background in political science so DC was not that hard of a choice for me.

"DC has an energy about it and when you are driving in, you can feel. You have a variety of cultures here and with that, you are exposed to new ideas that really challenge you to think differently and figure out what it is exactly that you believe, which I think is something we all should do. For me, I believe that when you are exposed to so many new and different things that maybe you hadn’t been introduced to prior, it really makes you appreciate other people’s opinions. I think that goes a long way in business and relationships in general. So, it is a neat area to live.”

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