Sunday, October 25, 2009

Javier, Elizabeth and Margaret on Insects and Orange Ice Cream

Elizabeth – "I’m six–years-old, but I am turning seven on February 4th. I am in the first grade at Capitol Hill Day School. I like living in Washington because I like my house and the flat screen TV in my Mom and Dad’s bedroom. I go to school and I am learning how to read and learning about insects.”

Javier - "I’m seven. My birthday is August 30th. I like Washington because I like my home and because we are learning about insects in school. In the spring, we get to play with frogs. If we catch them, we can bring them to class. If not, our teacher brings in frogs that we can take home and play with. And, one time, I caught a frog near my house and it was supposed to be only be an inch, but now it is, like, five or six inches. I am going to bring it to class because it is way big. The park right next to our school has a lot of insects. We just found a stink bug a few days ago, but it didn’t stink.”

Margaret – “I am five-years-old. I like Washington because in school I’m learning about family and friends and how to read. I’m in Kindergarten at Capitol Hill Day School. I’m eating orange ice cream, it’s my favorite.”

Javier – “Mine, too!”

Elizabeth – “Me, too!”

From left to right, Javier, Elizabeth and Margaret.

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Noah said...

Thank you for this inspiring piece about frogs in elementary school. Now I just need to find 20 of them for my students!