Monday, October 5, 2009

Kim on Venus Bike Trap

“Believe it or not, the DC area has one of the largest groups of female motorcycle riders that I’ve seen in my many years of riding. I rode with the Lady Hawks Motorcycle Club of DC, Maryland and Virginia. I held several posts there including Road Captain and Treasurer. But, there are a lot of other clubs in the area including the Road Divas and Phenomenal Ladies. These are clubs that have women who have been riding for 30-plus years from all walks of life: lawyers, doctors, teachers, you name it, they’re out there.

"I ride a
Kawasaki 1500 Classic, it’s a Vulcan. Her name is Caldonia. My bike is named after my great aunt, who is the strongest woman I know. Her name comes from the great Blues song, Caldonia, where the lyrics ask, "Caldonia, what make your big head so hard?" That was just like my great aunt!

“I formed Venus Bike Trap about three and a half years ago. It is a female motorcycle accessory company based in DC. I sell women’s motorcycle apparel, boots, jackets, and clothing. I did this because after twenty years of riding, I had to buy men’s things and tailor them to fit my feminine body. We have colors like pink, as women have normally been relegated to black this and black that. I am trying to create a local company that is made for all women, sells safe equipment and allows a woman to maintain her sexy edge. And a sexy woman on a motorcycle, man that turns everybody’s head!

“I think that DC is a very interesting place. It is very electrified right now with our new president. It’s a melting pot of nationalities. People from across the world come here for political reasons and for the vast educational opportunities. You can find a whole lot of things here that you can’t find in other cities, including large groups of female riders. Because women are the fastest growing demographic in the motorcycle industry, we, as leaders in DC, want to provide women from all over the world with the opportunity to look sexy and be safe at the same time."

Read more about Venus Bike Trap here.

Kim, left, is pictured with Rita.

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