Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everett on Getting it to the Homeless

“I do outreach for the homeless in DC. When the homeless can’t get to a medical clinic, we bring a clinic to them. We do everything but blood work here. I've been doing this for five years because all of us are a paycheck from being homeless. I don’t look at these people no different than I do myself. They just don’t know where to go and I feel like I can help them. If I can get it to ‘em and give it to ‘em, they got it!

“Everybody is affected by homelessness in DC. Everybody's got somebody that’s doing bad and needs somebody to help them out. A lot of them just want to vent and talk and I ain’t got no problem listening to anybody's problems. I am not here to judge. I mean, who am I to judge anybody? A lot of these people come here angry and mad. You just got to talk to them and treat them with respect. If you got a problem and I can help you, I help you. If I can’t, I direct you to where you can get help.

“For people who are interested in helping the homeless in DC, I say do it. It feels good doing it. It really feels good doing it because you can see that you are helping somebody. Rather than give money, get out here and make an effort because it ain’t hard. You see these people and they are like everybody else. People look at the homeless like they are crazy, but they ain’t crazy. All of us are human and we all need help at times, especially the homeless. And, lots of these people are Veterans, too. They served for all of us.”

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