Thursday, October 1, 2009

Biz on Letting People Know about DC Hip Hop

“Hip hop in DC, you know what I’m saying, is at a crazy point. The Nation’s Capital still has yet to blow up on the scene. So, basically, there are a few undergound artists in the area and they are about to, you know, break out. I can feel DC is going to be the next major city to get on the map.

“DC hip hop comes a lot from
Go Go, people like Backyard, Rare Essence, Chuck Brown, and what we grew up listening to. From my generation, I’m 24 right now, that is Tupac, Nas, Ghostface Killer, Outkast, people from all over the place, especially New York and down south. We right here in the middle so we get influences from everywhere…and it’s the Nation’s Capital so we speak for America because rappers around here have a national perspective on shit. Nationals, you see that on my hat? You know what I'm saying?

“Right now, besides my group
Suspects, I basically listen to artists around the area that I know. I respect their craft and respect their talent so I’m fucking with
Flex Mathews, I think he is one of the best battle rappers in DC, my man Ardamus, people like XO, Rock Mikey, and everything coming out of El Nino, Fuego, and Target Squad. There are definitely a lot of people who are making noise on the underground. The whole fucking world will pick up on DC if things are promoted the right way.

"You see, I am an artist, but at the same time my name is Biz and I handle my business and promote a few parties in the area that you may fuck with. I am trying to let people know what direction we headed with DC hip hop.”

Take a video walking tour of DC hip hop here.

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