Monday, November 30, 2009

Bobby on Going from Implementer of Policy to Policy Maker

"I joined the Army before September 11th. I wanted to help people who could not help themselves. This was the time of Kosovo, Haiti and Liberia. That was the original intent. After the whole September 11th thing, that changed. I don't necessarily agree with Iraq, but I feel like we have a commitment to the people there because of the war. That, I believe in.

"I work for the State Department now and am also in the Reserves. It is really eye opening having been the one on the ground as an implementer of policy and now I am working to make policy in D.C. My military background gives me added credibility and a perspective that many people here don't have. Being in this city gives me an amazing glimpse into how decisions are made that impact everyone, especially our troops around the world. I feel very fortunate to be a member of both the armed services and civil service."

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