Tuesday, December 1, 2009

John on Being a Better Person Than That

"About me, I’ve been through a lot of struggles, been through a lot of drug situations, but I got my life back together and I am just moving on to where God wants me to be. God came into my life about ten years ago after I finished doing drugs and said that this ain’t John no more. And, it is just a whole different story, now. I was really messed up, man. I remember the time that I owed child support, but never paid. I went out to a party one night and had a little fun, if you know what I'm saying. Anyway, I got on the last train to Addison Road and got into it with the metro attendant. I tell you, I was in a different place then. You know, I was all, 'Yayayayaya,' yelling at this guy and acting stupid. Then all the so, we have a confrontation and the police come. They said to me, 'What’s your name?' I said, 'John Bowman.' They say, 'Oh, Mr. Bowman, we been looking for you for a long time.' I had a record and owed all kinds of money for my kids. It was a really bad time for me.

"But, life has been so beautiful to me after that. My Mom has been an inspiration to me because my mother was like my mother and father. I didn't have no father around. And, she said son, 'You need to stop drinking. You need to stop the drugs. You need to go to Church. You need to do that living thing that us normal people do without all the drinking and the drugs.' She said, 'John, you are a better person that that.' She was right, but addiction is hard, man. It gets under your skin and you can't fight it. My Mom just kept on guiding and guiding and guiding me and I been doing a wonderful job.

"Now, I am not working at this moment, at this time. I used to be a chef at some of the universities around town. I did it for Howard and American universities. They’re very different places, but I’m a people person and I like being around all kinds of people. Currently, I am waiting on a job to go back to one of the universities. Hopefully, they take me back so I can continue on this journey and come back to the field of cooking that I love so much. I have experience in cooking, housekeeping, and the Home Depot. I got a resume that will knock your socks off, but people aren’t hiring because of the economy. But, I keep on."

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Keep on, keeping on John!