Monday, December 7, 2009

Tone on Being Well Groomed

"I'm from Brooklyn. I came to D.C. about thirteen years ago. I wanted a change of pace and a different environment as New York is so congested and crazy. The thing that keeps me here is the women! Not really...OK, really it is the women!

"But, on the serious, it is a calmer pace of life here. It's a big break from the city. You get tired of the New York city atmosphere after a while. As I get older, I want to wind down a little bit. I wouldn't want to live in New York again. It's like going from calm to crazy. No matter what, though, I will always be a Yankees fan. That rubs some people here the wrong way here. I guess people are just always coming after the best! Sometimes, I feel like a raisin in milk as everyone is coming after me. You've got those who are cool with it and those who aren't, but I am not going to change my logo for anyone.

"I've been at this barbershop for six months and have been cutting hair for twenty years. A guy named Isaac taught me everything I know. The money is good. I love the camaraderie of the barber shop. I cut women's hair, too. It is a great joy to cut a woman's hair. You get to cut the woman's hair and maybe, if the conversation is nice, it may turn into a date. I've had quite a few of those! But, back to the barbershop. We get to talk, you know, and learn different things from each other. It is real, like, therapeutic, better than going to a psychiatrist. You can express yourself in here. You get some arguments, but there is always laughter and some serious issues. I don't think there is anything in the world like a barbershop. This is like a community center. It's just about communication in here.

"And a barbershop is gonna make you look good. It is important for a man to be well groomed, you know. A well groomed man is everything. You can't be well dressed and not have your hair and face done. It comes with the image. I cut my hair on a regular basis, maybe once a week. You would never see me without a haircut or shave. I don't want to look at myself when I am not groomed."

Tone works at Carl's Barbershop at 1406 P St. NW. Read more about barbershops from Hollywood.


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