Thursday, December 10, 2009

Justin on the Fojol Brothers

"My history is in D.C. My father was born in Italy and my parents met here in D.C. We've lived in the same house in D.C. our entire lives. My Dad is still cooking the same food he was cooking 25 years ago when he taught my Mom how to cook. My Dad thinks that everything good in this world is from Italy and everything not good is not from Italy. He takes a lot of pride in his jobs. He basically started the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. He is one of those people who takes his job really seriously, but is not one of the guys who works 12-14 hours a day to make an extra dollar and not spend time with his family. My Mom worked multiple jobs. I picked up my hard work ethic from both of them.

"The Fojol Brothers is a concept that involves visuals, smells, music, taste and sounds that are all part of what we think are D.C. These all come through in different ways from the complex elements of our outfits to our respect for the earth to giving a portion of our proceeds to at-risk youth. Curry, in a simple way, is something that a lot of people can relate to. People in America can relate to a hot dog, but people around the world can relate to curry. You have people here from Little Rock to Mumbai and maybe we are the intersection of those two places with a little splash of all of the urban sights and sounds you see in this city.

"Yes, this city is so international, but it has a core of people who live here and one of our goals is to help both groups pay attention to the other. This truck was our brainchild of bringing together all of these different themes, but revolving around food and the circus and carnival feel. It just made sense. Everyone likes food. No one doesn't like a circus. We have had all kinds of customers - from managing partners of some of the biggest law firms to hipsters to homeless people - join in this concept. We appeal to a lot of different groups. D.C. is not all power brokers or people getting shot. Yes, those things happen, but we want to show a different side of this city. We are invested in this city and the people here."

See The Fojol Brothers profiled on the BBC here.

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