Saturday, December 12, 2009

JD on Style and Class

“I grew up all over this city: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. I have lived in every part of this city for at least five years each. It was cool, but uptown is where the style is at. Southeast has a little something something. Southwest is suburban. Northeast is in between. But, uptown DC is where you need to be. I love it here. When I grew up, there were lots of drugs around. There were lots of drug dealers and prostitutes in the 70’s. Then crack came in the 80’s. But, the city has changed.

“In my time here, I can say that a lot of people don’t understand fashion or style in this city. They think they know, but they have no idea. They think that what they see in the music videos is style, but it
ain’t. They be wearing an orange hat with an orange shirt. Just because you match don’t necessarily mean you’re in coordination with the style of the times. You got to give it your own twist and wear what you feel. If it feels good to you and looks good to you and it’s tailored right, you good. That is the way it should be. D.C. needs to look to the red carpet, that’s style. That’s what we need to bring here, some style and class. My D.C. style is funky with a little twist of retro. I feel good in everything I wear.

“I think that part of D.C.’s lack of style comes from the lack of boutiques. This city needs to find a way of bringing small businesses back into the district. It’s hard with all of the malls around. We need more small businesses which bring money, jobs and style to the community. With small businesses here, it’s a win-win situation for the business and community. It’s not like that with them big malls. Look, style was not started in malls, but boutiques. You can interact with someone in a boutique. It’s not like at the mall where you’re just the next person in line. In a small business, you gonna know your customers and make time to interact with them. Hands on with everything, that’s the way a business should be.”

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