Friday, December 4, 2009

Paul on Getting Better before it Gets Worse

"I'm not sure exactly how old I am, but I know that I am past sixty. I am a native Washingtonian, but I have lived in a lot of other places. Every time I get away, something always brings me back. Usually, someone is sick or dying and I need to come back and take care of things. When I am here, it is hard for me to get away again. I came back recently because my aunt died and have been stuck here ever since. So far, it has been a rough road. As soon as I get back on my feet, I am going back to south Florida. You got only one season down there and that's summer. Don't need to worry about no winter clothes and all of that. I like it here, but I prefer to be in South Florida. You get an abundance of sun and fresh fruit there. I have coconuts and mangoes right outside my house there. I mean, look here, you ain't gonna see no mango trees growing anywhere in D.C. You tell me, where'd you rather be?

"I mean, I still have a lot of loved ones in the area. I have brothers and sisters, even kids here so that is another draw. Every time I come back through, I pass on some wisdom to my kids from my travels. I teach them how to survive here because this city can be tough. Now that I am back, I live in a low-income building, but the neighborhood is changing and the rent keeps going up. And, my apartment is a mess! I mean, it rains in my bathroom from all of the leaks in the ceiling. You sit on the toilet and it is raining on you. Yesterday, I got more shower on the toilet than in the tub. They won't make no changes because they are trying to drive me out so that they can kick up the rent for someone else. But, it's gonna get better before it's gonna get worse. At least, that's what I'm praying for until I get back to south Florida again."

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