Monday, December 21, 2009

Courtney and Nancy on Cross-Country Skiing

Nancy - "Courtney and I talked about going cross-country skiing in the city when it started snowing. I did it once before, but this was her first time. This morning, Courtney skied over to my house on V Street from Adams Morgan. We skied together over to the Metro and took it to the Navy Memorial. Then we head over to the Mall to ski. It was incredible! The Mall was a field of white. We saw a couple of snowshoers and skiers, but we pretty much had to forge our own trails. We were really happy to do it and people were excited to see us skiing in the middle of the city. We'd like to try other places to ski this week, maybe in Rock Creek Park. D.C. is a great place to cross-country ski, as it is nice and flat."

Courtney - "People really got into seeing us skiing on the Mall, especially the European tourists. They said, 'Now that is how you should be getting around today!' I have walked the Mall a number of times and I was there for Inauguration. But something about skiing there, including past the place where I stood during the Obama Inauguration, was enchanting. The Mall had a little magic to it with all of the snow. You know, coming home, we felt like we were in a ski town in Colorado. We were standing with our skis at the bus stop, like it was a shuttle taking us back to the hotel. In this case, it was the 54 bus taking us to get Bloody Marys at Marvin."

Nancy, left, is pictured with Courtney.

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