Sunday, December 27, 2009

Curtis on Push Ups for the President

“I’m 48, the same age as the President. I started doing push ups in front of the White House when the Obama’s got here. That was a monumental day, a historic moment, for everyone. It really inspired me to become active. Before this, I was a couch potato and bookworm. Now, I come out six days a week. I don't do seven because the Lord tells us to rest on one of those days.

"Since the White House and Obama are now on the world’s stage, I decided to start doing my work outs on that stage. It's my contribution to myself and the President. If you go to a gym, you see people who go all out and hard and get crazy. I don’t do that. I go steady and easy, kind of like a politician, you know what I am saying. But still, I be out here knocking down sets of push ups like I'm bowling. I just pump out as many as I can. When I am not here, I work as a public servant.”

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