Friday, November 27, 2009

William on Making Trade Offs

“I’m originally from Dallas and first came to DC in 1987. When I finished graduate school, I was working for the Texas State Legislature. I came to DC for a convention and I was walking along in Dupont Circle and said to myself, 'This is a really nice place. This is a real city, not like Dallas which is so spread out. And, this is a place I ought to be.' I left the conference and went home and about two months later I left Dallas for DC. It was as easy as that. I just picked up and left.

"I had never had a feeling as strongly about anything before as I did for DC. I came here on Sunday, interviewed on Monday and found a place to live on Wednesday. I’m a government economist. The work is pretty much the same anywhere as I advise policy makers. Here in DC, most of the people I deal with actually want to do a good job and make things better. I get job offers all of the time, but I am not going anywhere. DC is the perfect place to live and retire. You have all of the museums and theaters and they're free. Again, DC is a great place to be. The weather here kind of sucks, but other than that I don’t miss much about Dallas. Being a plains boy, I do miss seeing the sun from twenty miles away, but you always have to make trade offs.”

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