Friday, November 20, 2009

Mike and Zack on Holding Hands

Zack - "I am originally from Michigan and have been here for two months. We met through a friend. It was actually kind of a funny story. We were both set up to be with the same guy at a dinner party. It was a group of people at this table and I sat next to Mike and we connected better than the guy we were supposed to meet up with.  This was over a month ago."  

Mike - "See, he just moved here and he already bagged a boyfriend! I am coming to DC from a Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. Living here has been a surprising, but comfortable transition. I have been here for four years now. I think it is normal that we walk around and hold hands. We are a couple and it shouldn't be any different than any other couple walking down the street." 

Zack - "I've got to say that there hasn't been any negative response at all to us being out as a couple in DC. In other cities, it can be different. When we went out to Luray Caverns in Virginia, we couldn't really do that. We got some looks. There is  a very different attitude there than in DC." 

Mike - "I don't think there is any mission or goal here.  We hold hands because we are comfortable with each other and no other reason."

Mike, left, is pictured with Zack.

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