Saturday, November 28, 2009

Everett on Club Promotion

“I’m in club promotion right now. I used to be in records management, but my law firm got bought out by a bigger firm so right now, I am just doing my night club stuff. I promote for a company called Suite 202 and we throw parties at Lux on Fridays, Leila on Saturday’s and Lima on Sundays. These are mainly R&B and hip hop parties, but sometimes we have Carribean or Reggae music. You know how DC is a melting pot, we try and get everybody to our parties.

“In terms of the DC club scene, I’ve been doing this for eight years and I can say that it’s been changing up and down. A person who may not have come out before, is out all the time now because of so many different night life options in DC. I think that right now with the recession, you don’t see people out as much or spending as much money. But, we still try and get them out.

“When I’m not throwing my parties, I like to hang out at Lima, I go support other friends' parties at Josephine’s on Wednesdays, Shadow Room on Thursdays, we actually just did an event at the Donovan Room on the roof. I like to go to anything different that catches my eye. But usually, I like to lay back at Shelly's or Draper’s with a cigar. It just relaxes me so much. In the future, I’d love to open my own place, that’s the dream. I want the place to be catered around cigars. I love the clubs, but cigars are my life, too."

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