Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marlon on Documenting Environmental Damage in Anacostia

"I was always the photographer on family vacations. It was great, but I am, like, in none of my family photos. When I heard about the photography class at the ARCH Training Center in Anacostia, I signed up and kept on going with it. Now, I received my GED through ARCH and am helping other young people learn about photography. My high school in Northeast near Stadium Armory didn't have an art program so I learned everything here.

"It has been a wonderful experience and I met a lot of artists and big photographers from all over the world. Since enrolling, my work has been displayed in a number of student shows, two professional shows and even one show in Paris. Now, I work with students at the Art Training Center at ARCH and am curating a show for young photographers about the environmental changes in Anacostia. Our show, Eco-Action-Reaction, is opening on November 7th.

"In my own photography, I try and bring out the beauty in DC, whether through landscapes or nature. In Anacostia, I try and bring out the good and the bad in the neighborhood. My photos try and show what man is doing to the environment here and my pictures will be, like, birds with the polluted water in the background. Some of the pictures can be really powerful and give a perspective on what's really going on with the environment here."

See and read about Marlon's photography here. Support ARCH, including donating old cameras, here.

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