Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chad and Stephanie on Their Sunday Routine

Chad - “We love DC. We came here as students through Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and now we are staying on here, but in that DC temporary way. It’ll be DC and then hopefully someplace abroad and then back to DC and then back abroad and then back to DC. We met at SAIS in Bologna and now we are engaged. If two people are going to start dating, we highly recommend doing it in Bologna, Italy. If you can’t seal the deal in Bologna, there is no hope for you!"

Stephanie - "In looking for an apartment in DC, outdoor space was a huge priority for us. We moved here and the upstairs neighbors never used the outdoor space so we fixed up the garden and got some patio furniture. Our Sunday usually involves a late rise and sometimes pancakes. When we come out to our patio with pancakes, coffee and Gospel music playing, people will look at us and say, 'That’s exactly right' or 'Table for four please.' What’s so odd though is that all of our neighbors have outdoor patio space, but outside of Halloween, we never see anyone use them. They all have tables and chairs set up, but with no one using them."

Chad - "I am from New Orleans so we listen to WWOZ which is one of the radio stations from there. It is public heritage station and on Sunday there will be two hours of gospel music, two hours of bluegrass, two hours of Cajun music and then a theme show, like cowboys and Indians or songs about trains. To me, that is also an integral part of our Sunday. We go to the dog park, too, even though we don’t have a dog. I guess we have dog envy. The dog park is a huge contribution to our quality of life. Just being able to walk by and watch dogs and talk about one day having a dog is great."

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