Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maryam on Being Persian

"I grew up in Boston and came here four years ago to do my LL.M degree after finishing law school in England. I have always liked the diversity of DC as it exists on so many levels. Culturally, you have all different kinds of people interacting here every day. Work wise, you have a lot of people coming here to do what they truly love whether it's non-profit, a law firm or the different development banks. Geographically, you have a city feeling, but five minutes down the road you can take out a paddle boat for the day or head out for a hike. Whatever you are in the mood for, DC has to offer. There is a great energy here and people are nice and undiscriminating.

"Ethnically for me, being Persian, people are knowledgeable or keen to being knowledgeable about my background and where I am from. Other cities I've lived in, being Persian intrigues people, but more in an ignorant way. I find that interest really refreshing here. There is a huge Persian community in the area, mostly in Virginia and Maryland. What is nice about this Persian community is that is so young and vibrant. Here, people are very proud to be Persian. They are excited to host Persian events and bring Persian culture forward. Most of the Persians around here are very liberal and open minded and not stuck in that old world mentality, but keen to promote being Persian for what that means for the food, culture, and music. And, you see those elements all throughout the area."

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