Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spencer on Old Time Rock 'N Roll at The Saloun

"I am a drummer for The Unforgiven. We've been playing old time rock 'n roll at The Saloun for the past five years. Things there haven’t changed that much. We get a good college crowd...and a lot of pretty ladies. We also get a lot of international people. We love to play what people from all around the world love, including The Stones and The Beatles. The music crosses all barriers for people from ages 15 to 70.

“You know, I’m a DC native. I think that DC is a great place to call home, but I don’t really think there is a music scene here these days. The charts are all Go Go and rap, I’d like to hear some good new melodies. I started losing interest in the mid-1980s. The music we play is the stuff we grew up with, the stuff we love to play.

"DC has always been a political town, so you had to get out of DC to do anything musically. There are a few artists that made it, but I don’t really think there is much going on here these days. Years ago, M St. used to be the Mecca for live music. Now, it 's all DJs and karaoke. The Saloun is one of the last places that’s left.

"The kids today, they want to hear a great melody and sing their favorite songs, but there’s not a whole lot to sing because there aren’t bands playing in DC anymore. But, I am an optimist...or better said, a realist...I mean it’s been so bad here for so long, it can only get better, right?”

Check out this great resource for information on live music in and around DC. And, read more stories about DC's music scene from Slim and Asyhia and Wo Wo and Eric and Maddie.

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