Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reetha on DC Mayors

"I’ve been living in DC all my life. I’m 43-years-old and have one biological child. He is incarcerated right now because he is one of the stupid ones that wanted to live here in DC and steal people’s cars. But, I wasn’t having it and I am the one who turned him in. And, now he is doing his time.

"But, I want to talk about Marion Barry. Marion Barry is the love of my life. He will always be the love of my life because when I started my summer jobs through the SYEP program, I never had no problems with my money like these kids have today. I never had no problems with my IDs at job sites either. Everything was always on time with Marion Barry. I always had jobs with Marion Barry unlike the mayor we have today, I can’t wait until Fenty's day...he is coming out of that chair. That is all I got to say about DC."

Check out the documentary "The Nine Lives of Marion Barry."

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