Monday, September 7, 2009

Chris and James on Giving Back to DC

Chris - "I would say that being a part of Howard and being in this community and being part of the legacy that Howard has in this community is adding to the history here. We see a lot of the people that walk up and down these streets and they say, ‘Wow you go to Howard. That’s a really good school.” These are people who grew up here and have been a part of this community for decades. And like, they have seen a lot of the things that have gone on here. I would like to do something at Howard that can contribute to the community, to Georgia Avenue to LeDroit Park area. Something that could be lasting, that the residents that have had their families here, can appreciate. Whether it is aesthetic or something that can change the way things are. Making the neighborhood safer for the kids, something like that. As long as we stay connected with people who live around here, we can continue to make the neighborhood a better place. I’m originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It’s a big, big change in pace for me. I like it a lot here and plan to stay here after I graduate. I’d like to have my own family here one day."

James - "Coming from Detroit, it’s a big change. Not the population, but the public transportation, the nature. I love Howard and DC and the history. The people here have a lot to offer. As a sports management major, there are a lot of opportunities given that DC is such a sports town with the
Wizards and the Nationals. It’s an open gateway, DC is the perfect place to come for opportunities in sports. The community here is great. As Howard students, we need to give back to the community and have an understanding of what goes on. We have a lot we could commit to DC. Before I leave, I want to start some basketball camps and things like that to give back to the youth. Because I know there a lot of things that kids here don’t have, like in Detroit. I just to expose the youth to Howard. Want to get more DC people to come to Howard. Still being in DC, I am a diehard Detroit sports fan. I go to DC games, but I don’t like them. I am sorry, but that's how it goes."

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