Monday, September 28, 2009

Pastor R. L. Stevenson on Gardening and Loving The Lord

“People always say to me, “You a Pastor? “I ain’t never seen no woman Pastor!” You know, I really just call myself Sister. I don’t like to be called Pastor, but they call me Pastor here, so I have to accept that. Titles don’t interest me, I just love the Lord enough to be in whatever place God puts me.

“We’ve had this little church ever since 1985. So, we just a family here. It’s not a big bunch of people, it’s just elders and children and whoever else will come. We feed people, we give people clothes, just whatever we can do to make the neighborhood better. We had some bad little kids around here for a while. Now, I don’t like to say bad, but they did things. We bought roses and lined them all around the church and it cost us quite a bit. But, the next morning when we came to church, the kids had pulled up one or two. The next week, the kids had maybe left one or two. That same week, they pulled them all up.

"It was sad for us because the money that the elders gathered up was not that much, mostly the little people received from social security, but it was a lot for us. So, I left the garden alone for a while, even though I love to plant flowers, and then a woman in the neighborhood came by and said that she would help us put up a fence to protect our flowers. The rest of the congregation chipped in too and that is what makes it so good around here. People are so lovely, they do whatever they can to help the church. And in return, we do our best to make people happy and keep a joyful neighborhood that looks nice. We sing our songs and we praise the Lord. Someone may read a me, that is just heaven on earth.

“My prayer for DC is for God to bless every leader, to recognize that it is God who we have to look up to. I believe if they put God first, the District will rise from the situation it is in.”

Hear Pastor R. L. Stevenson preach the good word at the Trinity Holy Tabernacle Church on 9th and Ist NE on Sunday at 11:45 am or 7:30 pm, Wednesday at 8 pm and Friday at 8 pm.

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