Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eric and Maddie on DC Hardcore

Eric - "I think that the DC hardcore music scene is something that really attracted me to the city and it's something that is kind of underground and not many people get it, but for the people that do get it, it’s pretty cool. It’s a close knit group of friends that hang out. There’s not a lot of clubs anymore so people are driven to basements."

Maddie – "Mainly, I’ve spent my life in DC because of the hardcore scene and because of my friends. I’ve always been around DC, even when I didn’t live here. Now, people book shows in my basement. Different bands on tour will come and we’ll have a set of five or six bands come and play. It’s cool because a bunch of people will come and I meet a bunch of new friends who show up at my house."

Eric – "The DC hardcore scene has really changed a lot. A lot of clubs have shut down. New people have come in and ruined stuff for the rest of us. But, it seems to be going strong and there is a revival going on – sort of. I got into hardcore through some friends. We used to go to Solly’s, but that place changed...I think it is a sports bar now. Then, we went to Warehouse Next Door, but that closed. There used to be a lot of shows at the Black Cat, 9:30 Club, and DC Mini Gallery on 14th Street, but it seems like hipsters ruined a lot of these venues."

Maddie - "Just a final point, DC hardcore is not all drunk punks. There is a lot of straight edge too which is nice."

For more information on the history of the DC hardcore scene, check out the book Dance of Days: Two Decades of Punk in the Nation's Capitol.

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