Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jodi on Coming Back to Adams Morgan

"My story is about the reason that my parents moved from Euclid Street in the 80's. There was a shooting on a Saturday afternoon and all of the people involved ran through our backyard. It all started on the corner of 17th and Euclid St. after Marion Barry enacted legislation to allow drug dealers to live in houses. Ever since I lived here in the early 1980s, they’ve lived in this one house and there has always been trouble because of that.

"My parents saw the guys running through our yard and said, 'Ok, it’s three o’clock on a Saturday, we’re moving. You know, we love this city, but not with a newborn baby.'

"My parents met in Adams Morgan. My Dad lived at the Woodner and my Mom lived at the apartment building that is cattycorner. So, Columbia Station and La Fourchette were here then. They met playing softball on the mall and then they moved to 17th and Euclid together.

"Now that I am back in Adams Morgan, my parents think that it’s really neat. I think they really enjoyed living here. I am third generation DC. "

Learn more about some of the renovation at 17th and Euclid here.

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