Friday, September 25, 2009

Ben on Saving DC Hair from Ridicule

“So, as a stylist, I am trying to bring DC hair a little more edge for the men and a little more runway for the women. Not too much where it is, like ok, too drastic, but just enough for people to say, that’s nice. No more bobs, no more Hillary Clinton cuts. I mean, come on, can we see Hillary in a dress, too? Just something a little fashion forward, that’s my job.

"The Obamas are doing a great job, especially Michelle. She is bringing fashion forward for DC. She is a young first lady. I think she is able to pull off being fashionable and having great hair. I mean, she is representing and I commend her on that. I think that people here need to follow her lead and stop thinking in the fashion past and start thinking about the fashion future.

"Let’s get the city on the right path, at least in terms of hair. I’m doing my part to move this city forward because I believe in fashion. I am constantly reading fashion magazines from Europe. Let’s bring some of that to DC hair so people stop laughing at us."

Let Ben save your hair from ridicule. You can find him at the
s/p/alon and see his reviews here. Read more about DC fashion from Lara.

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