Saturday, September 26, 2009

Elijah on Being The Next President

"I have lived in five provinces of Canada, 11 states of Mexico, and 44 States of the USA. I got to DC on Valentine’s Day of this year. The city is just a place for me to kick knowledge around with people from all over the world. I’m a philosopher and one who has found the key to comprehending life. For me to come to Lafayette Park and meet people from all over the world and share some of this information, well, that is just the life of Riley.

"Now that Bush is gone and people’s consciousnesses are actually opening up and they are seeing that something is wrong, people are looking for someone like me. And so, now I have a chance to share this understanding with them. Basically, the understanding is that life is all about reincarnation and karma. I got a
website which highlights what I am demanding as a citizen.

"Remember, we, the American people, are the boss and the government is our servant. Therefore, we have the right to demand that our servants do what we ask. They represent us, so they must have our input when they are trying to get things done. Until we see a full law before it is passed, they are not representing us and they are in violation of their oath to the Constitution and I want them out.

"Everybody needs to go, except for the people who were elected to Congress last November and the last three appointed Justices. The rest of the politicians, including the President, need to sign a letter of resignation because that is an order from me, the people. Look, I don't want to be a politician, but it is my destiny to be a leader. When Obama says that he is stepping down based on my order, he has to nominate a person to replace him and it should be me. My first two acts as President would be to free
Leonard Peltier and arrest Bush W. Bush for treason."

See Elijah Alfred "Nature Boy" Alexander, Jr. in the New York Times

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