Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ms. Martha on Going and Coming in Shaw

"I really don’t have no stories to remember. I love the neighborhood here. We get along…we don’t have a whole lot of least I don’t think we do. The neighborhood changed a lot. We used to be an all black neighborhood, at least this particular block when I first moved here. Everything was black. Wasn’t no white people living here. But now, it is mostly white and we got three black neighbors in here now. I don’t know most of the people now, just recognize the faces. They all get along.

"We don’t have no problem. We try and keep the things clean and do the best we can. So, I can’t complain about nothing. I say everybody go where they want to go. I just enjoy seeing them going and coming. But, we can depend on each other if we have to. When needs come, we help each other out."

For community news and information about Shaw click here. Also, take a look at RenewShaw.

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