Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jon on Taking Care of Your Backyard

"This is the Nation’s Capitol where all the Senators, Congressmen, everybody lives. They care more about themselves than they do about this city. They always say that you are supposed to take care of the backyard before you take care of the front yard...which they don’t. The homeless is rough man. I don’t think nobody should live on the street. You have all these abandoned buildings in DC, put these people there. Everybody needs help…there’s so many mental problems.

"You a Muslim? By the grace of God, God goin' come and all the powerful people, he going to bring them down and show them how it is suppose to be. They say time has got to repeat itself. This economy is messed up. When people eat only rice everyday, that is depression. We don’t have no depression. This is suppose to be the richest country in the world. It is the people over there in the White House and Capitol that are making the depression. Look at them. They have steaks, I got a bologna sandwich. Come on man!

"God didn’t put people on the earth to be like that, he put people on the earth to help one another. He is the King. He is the President of everything. But, this city is sad man, I was born in South Carolina and God knows I want to go home. I wish I had never came to this city."

For a directory of DC shelters and soup kitchens in need of volunteers and donations, click here.

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