Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catherine and Moises on The District of Colombia

Moises. “I am Colombian. During the summer in DC, you see lots of different places promote nightlife on Saturday and relaxing at a hotel pool on Sunday. The pool parties are cool. It’s a good way to network, meet people…and put your rap down! Hey, why not? It’s different from where we’re from. This is part of the culture in Colombia, not just a once a week or month event like in DC. You go out with friends and family. I am from a Caribbean city, so the food and even the way your body functions is totally different over there. In DC, you need a little more alcohol to get your body to function! But here, there are the perks of opportunity. Over there, it is just a feeling. People enjoy each other for what they have there. Here, people worry about what they don’t have.”

Catherine – “I’m Colombian, too. For me, I would love to go back to my country. There is nothing like Colombia. You can have little and just be happy all day...not like here. Here, you got everybody, though, from all countries. In Colombia, you got just Colombians, nothing else. I love it there and no matter how long I stay here, I am Colombian all the way. The pool party, I like this. The party is really nice and diverse, but I still miss Colombia.”

Moises – “One more thing, I definitely wish there were more of a Latin crowd out at night in DC. It is a really diverse city, so it seems like clubs always have to split it up to make it even-steven for everybody. You know, the first floor is old school, the second floor is techno and a small room in the corner will be Latin. I wish there were some hard core Latin music…you know salsa. There are some places, but the venues are usually small and crowded.”

Moises and Catherine recommend Caribbean Breeze as their favorite Caribbean restaurant in the area. I would also suggest Sweet Mango.

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