Saturday, February 6, 2010

Justin on Captain White's

"I grew up in Annandale, Virginia. My family owns Captain White's at the Maine Avenue Fish Market. We've owned it for 38 years or so. It originated with my grandfather selling fish off of a picnic table here and just expanded. I started working at the market when I was eight years old and was pretty much raised here. When my parents were here, I was here, unless I was at school. After school, my Mom would bring me down and I spent all of my weekends around fish. Owning this market, we ate our share of fish growing up.

"In the last twenty years, the market hasn't changed all that much. We've expanded a little bit, but otherwise there have not been big changes. We still get the seafood from all over, with about 90% of it coming in fresh daily. The different stands are owned by different families, and we are all pretty competitive. Most of us have been around for a while.

"This market has become my family. Without this place, we wouldn't have anything. I didn't go to college, I don't know anything else."

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