Friday, February 19, 2010

Damian on Finding Peace

"I have been in D.C. all of my life. D.C. is a busy place, but it has its secrets that some people know about and others don't. Once you experience everything with everybody, it is a very different place than it seems on the surface. I am 16, but I've seen a lot. 

"In this city, I think that everybody is kind of the same. Because of that, I just label myself unique as compared to everyone else. Nobody here is like me. I hang out with people who are also unique. In our group, everybody is a different race and dresses differently, but we still crack jokes and chill. My parents are from El Salvador and my friends are from all over, which is nice about D.C. 

"I think about the world a lot and what is out in space. I think about why are we going through all of this and what is our purpose in life. Sometimes I feel like I have to save the world or do something like that. I talked to this Christian girl one day and she changed my life. Now, Christianity is an important part of my life. I saw the world different after that conversation. Now, I feel like people are looking to me for answers and I have to do something. I really want to, but I am also lazy. 

"Still, I do try to change my life, but I keep getting caught up because of this city and the life here. I think that I would have to make my house in a rain forest to find peace. I would love to do that, but I don't know if it's possible. I don't care about material objects, there's no point. Money is not a thing for me. I don't care about it. I care about what I do have and try not to waste it. I just want to find peace and make change in this world." 


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LOL im bout to fry you.

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go damian!!

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Uhh Point is ?!