Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saro on Who He Is

"I'm 17. Throughout my life, I have lived in the whole D.C. metropolitan area. Now, I live in Arlington. I came out when I was 15. I always knew that I was gay. As a kid, I played dress up with the girls and loved Barbies. I really wanted to tell people before, but I couldn't. I finally decided to tell everyone how I really was in the 8th grade because I wanted to start high school as a new me. Telling my Mom was easier than I thought because she always knew. It was hard on my father, though. He took it worse than my Mom did. My friends already knew too, they were just waiting for me to say it. 

"Now, it is fun being a young, gay teen. I have a lot of friends and do the normal stuff that teenagers do. I have a lot of straight friends, too. A lot of my friends don't care that I am gay. They know that even though I am gay, there are barriers that we won't cross as friends. Other people can be all fake towards me because they don't want to be perceived as gay because they are around me. So, we can be friends in private, but not in public. I tell you, I am not really one who is pressed to have a lot of friends, though. If you are close to me, you are close to me. If you are not, you're not. That is the way I carry it. I'm a fun, good person and like to party like everyone else. That's all that should matter. 

"When I grow up, I want to work in fashion. I love fashion. I only read Vogue and W magazine. I grew up with style. My Mom is Vietnamese and black. My grandmother is German and my grandfather is Polish, so I grew up around a lot of different cultures and styles. They have all defined my own personal style. Now, I like to dress the way I like to dress and wear my hair the way that I like to wear my hair. This is just who I am."


Jazmine said...

Saro, You are beautiful as you are. You have a wonderful attitude and I admire your strength. Being gay at any age can be difficult, but especially in your teenage years. May you continue to be a light unto all of those around you.

Williams said...

Agreed, keep doing that you are doing. You look fabulous!

TC said...

You go, girl!

EFRUTIK said...

My ex bf and I often sit on those stairs. Well, actually he does more often than I do. He is the "Dutch, probably one of the only white guys with the camera" that sits there at times.

We have seen you and your friends around there too. I like your personal style that you have developed for yourself. I must say with some outfits you are much more brave than I would be as a girl dressing like that. Your attitude seems to be very nice too as I read here. Hope to watch you again on those stairs with your outfits, and most importantly your hairstyle. No pressure though, I'm sure you will look great.


P.s. Danny, it's great you interviewed this young man. This blog feels much more real close to being realistic, that I see now a person I've seen live before :)