Saturday, January 16, 2010

Concepcion on Washington Being Corrupt

“I am originally from Spain. I came to New York in the 1960's. I have had a lot of difficult situations in my life. I left New York because of abuses and threats to me. No one would help me so I came to Washington. When I came here, I had nothing and found a job taking care of Eunice Shriver's wardrobe. The Kennedy family didn't help me either and, with the money I made there, I started printing fliers and then moved out in front of the White House in 1981 to protest the injustices happening to me. 

"To me, Washington is corruption and the Zionists are responsible for everything. Jewish people practice Torah and Talmud. They are waiting for the Messiah and are forbidden to have a state until the Messiah comes. Zionism is the biggest problem in the world today. They are destroying this country. As the administration changes, nothing changes. We have the same people, the same Nazi police and the same Zionists who control this nation. I’m not against the Jews, but against the Zionists.

“Out here, the police bother me all the time. I have been arrested and beaten and told to be silent. With all of my time here, I have no relationships with the police. They are all Nazis and Zionists. Today, there was a Chinese group demonstrating for human rights in China and the police were depriving my rights here. So much contrast, China asking for human rights help and a policeman on a bike harassing me. 

"This place is my home. I live here, but have many rules. We can’t move more than three feet from our tent. It is hard, especially when you have to go to the bathroom. To make money, I paint peace rocks. Now, I can’t paint because of the weather so it is difficult and rely on donations from tourists and friends."

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Ah, the joy of untreated Schizophrenia.