Friday, September 18, 2009

Cousins Marquise and Bobby on Going Down in History

Marquise - "I want to talk about how our community in DC is so grateful because we have kids out here playing and enjoying themselves because the streets are safe now in Adams Morgan. We about to go back to school. It’s so much fun to go to school because you can learn so many things. Little children, if I was you, I would learn and respect our parents and thank God for blessing you with that parent."

Bobby - "I’m here with my cousin. We play football, basketball, play a little soccer, play some X Box. I did mostly everything with him to try and keep him out of trouble. Sometimes, he talks back that’s all. I want to talk about Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) at my High School, Springwell. At school time when you are in high school, they take you out of class on school time…that is the best part of JROTC. You get Army strong for when you go to summer camp. But, I don’t want to be in the military. I have family in the military that’s why I joined JROTC. There are 36 other people with me in JROTC. I am a Staff Sergeant. I hope to be a Lieutenant Colonel by the time I leave high school. That means I can tell people what to do. Now, my Staff Sergeant tells me what to do, but he a grown ass man! He just came out the Army. Hey Marquise, you want to do JROTC with me?"

Marquise – "No, I don’t want my name to go down in history by being dead."

Bobby - "How do you want your name to go down in history?"

Marquise - "I want my name to go down in history by not being killed for something stupid

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